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As you’ve read, this Mistress is active in real life fetish scene.  Since the polar vortex released it’s grip this past weekend, all the kinky people took advantage of this!  ~grinz~

This is the right kind of Fire and Ice play … that’s a pun on an earlier Cock Stroker Academy masturbation instruction – cock stroking inspired by a poem!  ~smiles~

BTW, I’ve moved Cock Stroker Academy cock stroking instructions to the masturbation phone sex blog look there for the link to your password protected special erotic photo of the week.  Enjoy!

Magnus wanted to know how much playing I do with my personal partner at fetish events with my real life kinky community.  This is a continuation of that question.

Curious about Mistress in real life?

While I refer to myself as a Lifestyle Mistress let me be clear about what I mean.  When I use the term Lifestyle,  I’m saying that I play in real life and am in a real life erotic fetish relationship.  I am NOT his “Mistress” 24/7 because I like having adult (not D/s) conversations with my partners outside of play time.

What I do with pet

AND, like most couples, our pairing is not EXACT.  For example, he isn’t *into* foot worship. That’s not a bad thing and I enjoy having specific foot slaves for that part of what I like!  Mistress likes variety!  ~grinz~

My parnter can take (and likes) impact play, sensation play, CBT, bondage, mind fuck and erotic humiliation (to name just a few things). I love playing with him because he enjoys the layering of thuddy to stingy, sensual to wicked and I’m able to bring him up and down the intensity scale at my will.  You know I DO like to run the BD/sm scene itself.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about my private life or our fetish play, please post a comment on the blog and/or ask me during our session.  I’m more than happy to give you insight.

Ms Olivia