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On this Wicked Wednesday, it’s time to give you another peek inside My personal fetish gear and toy bag.  I mentioned My love of spanking and paddling bare bottoms last week.  I’m going to continue on that theme and also answer a common question from callers new to My personal phone sex creativity.

Sensual or Strict Mistress

Does it have to be one or the other?  ~laughs~  I am a wicked Mistress who uses everything that I know, am and feel, to create the perfect fetish scene play for you!  Creativity is the one common thing when you give Me cock control.  Since I am a real life fetish ‘player’ I know that what we do when you call Femdom phone sex is just as ‘real’ as real life.  AND, My ability to go from seductive to sweet to strict to wicked is part of the thrill ride!

Household Items for Fetish Fun

I’ll give an example of how this Experienced Mistress is sensual AND strict at the same time.  Since I got on the topic of bare bottom spanking or paddling last week, I’m going to use that for the scene example and a common household item for the fetish toy!

A Hairbrush is Perfect for Spanking!

Can you say hairbrush?  ~laughs~  I have 3 hairbrushes and use all of them for different sensations including strict or sensual Mistress play.

One hairbrush has sharp natural bristles, one has sharp artificial bristles and one has rounded tips on the bristles.  Each one is a different size so the spanking surface on the non-bristle part varies.  I will spank with the rounded tips brush part but I don’t spank with bristles that might puncture the skin.

Real Life Example of Hairbrush Spanking Play

I can (and will) use the various surfaces of the hairbrushes to paddle.  Then, during a break in spanking, I’ll have pet stand in front of Me while I’m sitting down.  I wrap My hand around his cock and then softly stroke the underside of his balls with the natural brush bristles.  Imagine Me looking up at you while you stand at attention.  ~grinz~  Wicked isn’t it?  There will be LOTS of precum but Mistress will tell you if or when you are allowed to cum.  Ahhhhh, the beautiful agony!  ~smiles~

Have you felt the sting of a hairbrush?  Or the soft sensuality of the bristles teasing you?  Do tell.  What do you think?

Ms Olivia