You can talk to the Experienced Mistress about anything.  One topic that many of you talk about is the issue of your real life partner and the fetish fantasies that you explore via phone sex.  We had a lively discussion about this on the earlier two blog post about sex secrets.  The first post started the conversation, asking how you handle your sex secrets and the second post gave the results of the sex secrets poll on our adult networking site Enchantrix Empire.

The “how do I get my wife to participate” question is something I hear all the time.  So, once again, I’m going to address it here and would love to find out what you think.  I did a full IM session with a long time phone sex caller who has that question AND a foot fetish.  You can read the whole conversation when you eavesdrop on Olivia’s IM conversations. (Note:  He knows I’m going to post the text session and I’ve taken out his name and identifiers.)

Excerpt of IM conversation with long time caller

man: she’s been my little honey for over 30 yrs, we dated a couple before we got married

empress.olivia: I understand.
empress.olivia: This will be very NEW territory for you both.

man: yes it is

empress.olivia: *nods*

man: a total role reversal

empress.olivia: I’m helping you to negotiate the terrain…….
empress.olivia: YOU want to change the rules, so to speak, in THIS aspect of your relationship in the bedroom.  So you FIRST need to have the conversation about whether she is even willing to investigate it and consider the role reversal.

What comes next?

What comes next?  Ideally, HE will cum next !  LOL … aren’t you cheering him on?  I sure am!  Tell Me about you.  Is it helpful to see the full IM conversation?  What have you learned?  What are you feeling or thinking?

Looking forward to all your comments.

Ms Olivia