Here’s one cuckolding story that started innocently enough

Okay, let us be blunt here there are some women who are simply born to have many and varied sexual partners.  That would be this Mistress. There are other women that cuckold their men because of sexual dissatisfaction.

Every cuckolding has a beginning

Some cuckolds struggle with the contradiction of feelings: humiliation and arousal.  Others learn to love their new cuckold role in life. Getting to the joy of being cuckolded can sometimes be a process as you can read in part 1 of this cuckold’s journey and now part 2:

“Heading out to the party it was like She had read my mind, she wore a light Chinese print dress which wrapped tightly around her well-defined curves and as we went for pre-drinks in the bar I could not tear my eyes from her – neither I noticed, with some jealousy, could the other men there.

Needless to say we reached the party late and more than a little tipsy. I played the big man, buying rounds of drinks and making small talk with people I barely knew, while she chatted and laughed with college friends. After a while the dancing started and (not being much of a dancer) I lost sight of her. As the lights flicked around I caught occasional glimpses of my gorgeous girlfriend’s body pulsating with music, until after a time it began to dawn on me that she was no longer dancing with her girlfriends. She was with a man, very much with him. Brushing her hips against him, leaning forward and whispering to him, running her hands through her hair.

I felt a familiar pang of jealousy and frustration. They were practically making out there on the floor. I didn’t know what to do. Storming onto the floor would not be cool, and I making a dick of myself in front of her friends was not what I had in mind.

But, there they were. He had his hands on her hips now, her lips were close to his ears. I did the only thing I could.

What did that poor guy do?

~laughs~  Not what you’d expect.  Part 3 tomorrow so stay tuned!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia