It’s Masturbation May

Listen to me tell you this blog post in this Masturbation May audio.

I love this recognition of self love.  Of course, we ALL masturbate in any month but the thing about what we’re celebrating in May is that people are TALKING about masturbation.  I’m lucky in that I get to masturbate at work — and because I do phone sex, I know that YOU masturbate at work too!

Talking about masturbation is how the holiday got started in 1995.  The, then, Surgeon General got fired for saying that masturbation needs to be part of sex education.  A sex toy retailer declared the day, then the month, to honor the Surgeon General who got fired for saying something sensible, real and true.

International Masturbation month

The holiday caught on and the real value of this is recognition of something that unites us!  It’s rare to find a real conversation about sex.  In fact, having these real conversations about erotic pleasure is what LDW Group is all about.  The Head Mistress Ms Ally started LDW Group 13 years and 5 months ago.  She had a vision to create a space where people could actually have fun, sexy, intelligent conversations about sex …. a place beyond the mere moan and groan phone sex stereotype.  I’ve blogged a lot about the LDW Group difference with phone sex.

Empire built one stroke at a time

It does take time to build an Empire … Ms Ally LITERALLY created the adult social networking site:  Enchantrix Empire.  Just like your phone sex can be WAY more than just sex … the LDW Empire is way more than sex.  Cruise the blogs, free tease audios, photos, community sites and more.  Send me an email if you want some suggestions about all the free things we have for you.  Remember: personal, private, explicit and individual attention is always best done in your call or sexy texting session.  But feel free to communicate with me and I will answer asap.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia