Sexual fantasies are totally normal

In fact, as I return to all of you, I can’t wait to tell you that I have explored a couple of my own sexual fantasies.  At least one activity will undoubtedly surprise you since I am a Femdom Mistress. I walk the walk and I do what I suggest for you, namely: try it out, broaden your erotic horizons.  More often than not, I have a good time exploring my own erotic boundaries even if I don’t want to keep doing a particular kink.

Listen to my voice urging you to explore your sexual fantasies.

People study what turns people on

There was a huge survey several years ago that found there are 7 main erotic fantasy themes.

Broad categories of sexual fantasy

I would choose different broad categories than the study author but I’m probably biased towards kink and fetish.  I also question the part about cheating (you see what I mean below) I think cuckold fantasies are WAY more common then this study found. That said, here we go with the themes:

Group sex or multi partners

Isn’t 2 women, 1 man sort of the starting point for any group sex scene?  I think women tend to be more accepting of other women or maybe that’s a social construct.  I love doing 2 men, 1 woman scenes and, of course, group sex is always wild!

Control, power or rough sex

Well, we can just stop the themes right here because this is my Mistress sweet spot.

I think the other themes are interwoven in this particular category. In my experience the best Femdoms are multi dimensional – in scene and just talking with you.

Adventure, variety or novelty

Sex should not be typical, usual or boring.  I’ll say that again: sex should not be boring!  I feel really strongly about this. Sex should never be boring!

Having other partners is hot

Oddly, less than 10% said cheating is hot but I wonder about that result. There’s huge social stigma around cheating. Many people might feel uncomfortable admitting that they love the erotic humiliation of doing something taboo like being a cuckold or a hot wife.

Most of you know I’m polyamorous.  Check out this podcast I did with Ms Delia where we talk about alternative sexual relationships, erotic pleasure is not one size fits all.

Forbidden sex or taboo sex

Tell someone, “Don’t do this” and what’s the first thing they want to do? Yep.  Anything taboo or forbidden is automatically naughty, kinky and interesting!

Gender bending or gender fluid

This could be you being gender fluid or it could be you with someone who is gender bending. I think this broad category includes people who are non-binary, trans or simply those who refuse to be put in neat little boxes.  Good for you, I say!

Romance and passion

This can be everything from bodice buster romance novels to our intimate connections on the phone where we connect in ways that sometimes aren’t possible in face to face, real life.

Fantasy versus reality

Remember there’s no “rule” that says if you think it you must do it.  Some fantasies are hot in fantasy but really hard to navigate in reality.  Living a true cuckold lifestyle is often tricky in real life.  Often a sissy likes to blow off steam (pun intended) but isn’t a transwoman and doesn’t want to transition to female.

The bottom line is this:  There is no bottom line; you are unique and what turns you on is unique to you.  It might “look” like some of those categories but I know that erotic pleasure is as individual as a fingerprint.

Are you ready to explore?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia