Is it possible to stay sane in chastity?

Listen to me talk with you about the emotions of chastity.

I’m not going to lie to you, chastity is difficult.  Chastity is a test.  Being cock locked, especially for an extended amount of time, can be the ultimate test of submission to your Femdom Mistress.

Orgasm denial is an emotional rollercoaster

Anyone who is seriously into tease and denial will tell you that there are a variety of emotions.  This is similar to the emotional challenges of extreme sports.  Anyone who has run a marathon will tell you that no matter how hard you train, you will ALWAYS hit the wall at some point.  This is true with orgasm edging and denial. Here’s a quote from a phone sex caller

He knows how to serve a Femdom Mistress.  He also knows to stay with it.  I suggest you connect with your Mistress.  You WILL hit a place where the experience is sublime and well worth the effort.

“You may be upset, pissed or even wonder if you’ll EVER be let out of your device; I can tell you that you WILL reach a time of Zen!!! I Promise you WILL feel the zen!! You will be very happy knowing that this Beautiful Woman has control of your cock & orgasms.  You will even be grateful for the possibility of ruined orgasms!  I must thank You Mistress Olivia for your help & training. I’m owned by You & I am grateful !!!”

Are you ready to be owned by Mistress?

Actually, if you’re in chastity then you’re not just owned by your Miss, you are owned and operated by her!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia