Mindlessly watching cum eating instructions?

I know you WANT to taste your own cum.  This is so sexy, naughty and taboo.  One person says, “This is all new, exciting and a little unnerving when I stop and think about it.”  It IS daunting to simply cum and lick it up when you’re solo.  That’s why cum eating instructions and encouragement are so important.

Incredibly turned on by cum eating

One of the key things to successful cum eating is to be so turned on that you are almost out of your mind.  My Phone Sex Mistress Olivia tumblr makes this particular pet yearn to hear my voice saying, “Lick it up; lick up your cum for me.”

Obey Mistress

For a submissive, cum eating can be part of sub drop humiliation.  Hearing my voice guide you and tease you and taunt you — stroke for me, edge for me, build up that big load of cum for me — gives you a profoundly different experience than simply watching CEI porn.  One caller says,

“Talking to you the excitement is so much more intense. So much more deep rooted within me because – counterintuitively – it’s being held in the palm of your hand and manipulated to your whims. That feeling of your control combined with you knowing exactly what levers are available to you and having such fun in pulling them just makes me drop and drop and drop.”

Are you ready for personalized CEI?

Mmmmm, how long have you been stroking?  How long about you been thinking about — and wanting to — eat your own cum for a beautiful Mistress?  You know what to do next.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia