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Sissy question

I’m going to return now to the IM chat with the guy who is new to Femdom and new to phone sex. He might be a sissy but then again, maybe not.

This is the very beginning of the IM chat I had with a man in his 20’s.  He’s in Europe (English is his second language).  He has a live-in girlfriend.  He came across the erotic fetish of Female Domination while surfing the internet looking at porn.  His girlfriend doesn’t know about his new found sexual desires.  Now, he’s talking with the Experienced Mistress.  As always, this is posted with his permission, the bold headers are mine. 

This Experienced Mistress knows that there are variations to any fetish …. as many variations as there are people!  So, I begin to ask questions.

Communication with Mistress

New Guy: Hello Empress Olivia
empress.olivia: hello
New Guy: I was visiting sissy school yesterday.
empress.olivia: yummy !
New Guy: I had a chat with the live help Mistress and she recommended you Empress Olivia
empress.olivia: awwwwww  *wink*
empress.olivia: I loves Me some sissies !

((The minute I wrote that I wanted to slap My forehead because I know for a fact that just because a man likes the feel of being in panties, it does not mean he’s a sissy or even a crossdresser.  I post My mistake so you know I’m not perfect LOL and can see how I ‘recover’ in the IM Chat.))

First exploration of the feminization fetish world

New Guy: I’m new to this Empress Olivia  Have only tried a pair of my girlfriends panties on.

empress.olivia: Did you have questions for Me or would you like to do a session?

New Guy: Well im at work right now and i can’t do a session right now. But im interested in how it works.
New Guy: And do you do other things than sissy training? Im generally interested in female domination and being a submissive.

empress.olivia: Great! We can talk here about how this all works  In fact, your questions are perfect and a lot of people have the same questions. Can I take out all the identifiers and your IM name and post this IM chat on My blog?

New Guy: Yes of course Empress Olivia put what name you think fits
New Guy: And please bare with my english Empress Olivia, im from sweden.

empress.olivia: Sure!
empress.olivia: Oh Hi!  Ms Molly on the Live Help desk wrote Me that she suggested you contact Me.
empress.olivia: No worries, we have calls from all over the world.
empress.olivia: Btw, I’m reading Henning Mankell right now, in fact.

Mistress questions

empress.olivia: You can do LOTS of things with a Mistress.
empress.olivia: And there are lots of variations to sissy training.
empress.olivia: Do you have an idea of what you like, or would like to try?

New Guy: Yes i understand that there is lots of things.
New Guy: Oh lots of variations. I have no idea what kind of sissy i like or would like to try.
New Guy: Didn’t even know there was diffrent types of sissies.

empress.olivia: Yes!

Types of Feminization play

empress.olivia: Want Me to tell you about the various types of feminization play?

New Guy: Yes that would be lovely Empress Olivia

empress.olivia: I’ll also give you various free sites in our network so you can look to see what gives you the biggest *tingle*

Straight man in panties

empress.olivia: There is the “man in panties” fetish or kink.  This may or may not be with erotic humiliation and Domination.

New Guy: That sounds like where i am today Empress Olivia

empress.olivia: This is a straight man (heterosexual) who likes the feel of panties and / or lingerie but considers himself straight sexually.  He might or might not call himself a sissy.  LOTS of men really like the lace, fabric, tightness of women’s panties.  Women really DO have much better lingerie options.  LOL

New Guy: I do agree with that Empress Olivia

empress.olivia: have you seen our site FemPhone?
empress.olivia: It’s more about dressing and less about sissy stuff per se.

New Guy: No, i have just seen Sissy School and Suck Patrol that was linked from sissy school.

empress.olivia: What is it for you? ….
empress.olivia: The panties themselves…..being feminized…..the naughtiness …. the humiliation …. all of the above?

New Guy: I think i like all four of those Empress Olivia
New Guy: not sure about being feminized though.

empress.olivia: *nods*
empress.olivia: so, it’s the panties and the humiliation that are the *real* triggers?

New Guy: Yes i believe so

WHERE does this go?  In the coming days you’ll see how I question him to begin to clarify his new desires.  I also will tell him about how phone sex works and what happens when he calls LDW.   You’ll see what I suggest he say when he calls Dispatch to ask for a Mistress.  At the end of this series you’ll also find out whether he called and who he talked with.

Here are various questions for you.  What was your first phone sex call like?  Were you nervous and scared?  Excited?  Did you try and find out the lay of the land (so to speak) before the call?  Tell Me, please…*wink*.

Also, have you worn panties?  What do you call yourself?  What is it about the panties for you?

LOL…..or, pshaw, just say any ole thing you’d like on the blog, you know I’ll write you back 🙂

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia