Ally’s company … LDW just had an anniversary …. the 6th year in business …. and I need to take just a moment to acknowledge that I am grateful I am IN this company of women … working for women, managed by women, working with women …. Strong Women, Powerful Women, Funny Women, Smart Women, Whimsical Women, Sexy Women …..

If I do NOT give anyone else the right to define me, then who am I ?


Why, I’m purt near anything and anyone I can imagine myself to be …. ah, now there’s something quite delightful.

Dream it, See it and Speak it.

I can, when the sky is that New Mexico Blue, see myself as an open vista ….. free … sunrise and pinon woodsmoke …. history and future that laughs at the arbitrary geopolitical boundaries perpetuated by foolish humans …. inane separations that try to say this is MINE and that is YOURS …. when, really, it IS all one …. so what’s the big deal?   Eh?

What is the source of the compulsion to set down latitude and longitude …. as if those lines can ever stop the wind … hide the sun … make the rain fall here but not there …. make any Force of Nature obey all these attempts to control … as if anyone has ever had the ability to control a Force of Nature.

The men and women I have most loved in my life have often called me a Force of Nature.  I think I never really ‘got it’ until right now, right here, in this Company of Women … I get it! …. go ahead on!

I do realize this is a blog about erotic phone sex …. so let me just bring it home …. The Mistresses of LDW are FABULOUS  … we are SMART and passionate …. we are graceful and spiritual … we are Fierce and Strong … We take Control because we can and do specialize in Control …. among other things,  cock control …. teasing and denial and guided masturbation.  And, because I exercise MY RIGHT to define myself … you will find a delightful opportunity to explore the ways push your boundaries of gender and gender roles with crossdressing and more.

If I define myself …. who do I say I am?