Intimacy and the slave

Listen to me read you this blog post about BDsm kink intimacy and erotic slavery.

I had a VERY interesting conversation with a slave today. We started off talking about my recent blog post about the difference between a submissive and a slave.  Both are clearly in the BDsm or kink arena. I am humbled by your gifts of intimacy.  He is the one that spoke of the value of the intimacy of strangers.

BDsm and communication

You know I play in the face to face fetish scene.  I have experience there and on the phone and I can tell you that with Power Exchange there is no difference. Some of my most intense sessions are distance domination on our calls. In large part because you feel freer to tell the truth.  My slave puts it this way:

“We get to be who we are. I’m closer to you than most people I know and most women I’m dating. I have told you things I’ve never told anyone else.”

Erotic roleplay and fantasy are limitless

Roleplay is doing a scene or fantasy but we aren’t bound by physical constraints and the reality of time and space.  For example, I think Shibari bondage is so beautiful and I can’t do all those intricate knots all that well — basic bondage yes but Shibari is at another level.  In fantasy, I am the absolute BEST!

Better than in person with a Pro Domme

I think the intimacy and limitless fantasy gives distance domination an edge over a Pro Domme.  My slave put it this way:

“I’ve been to Pro Dommes and didn’t like the dungeon setting — it feels like a doctors appointment — too clinical.”

We talk and then I … ahem … take over; or, as he puts it:

“You own the fantasy.  You have the ability to take ownership of someone else’s fantasy and then use intuition to make it dynamic and surprising.”

Ahhhh, slave, you make me smile — you really do! You are the perfect submissive, slave and play partner for me.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia