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Have you tried orgasm control, orgasm denial by self control or chastity?

When you’ve been having orgasms for years and years and you’re looking for something new you might be ready to try something like orgasm games.  There are so many things to do with your cock stroking masturbation besides the simple stroke and cum.  Let’s look at some of the options:

Mistress controls your orgasm

This is where you must get permission to have an orgasm.  This takes cock tease and denial to a new level of cock control.  There are many ways to do this and the orgasm control programs are as unique as you are.  You might get instructions on when and how to stroke.  You might be on a schedule by time …. ordered by Mistress to perform worship strokes to you Goddess at certain times during your day.  You might gets games of chance, like dice.  Or games of a degree of skill — can you imagine if your ability to cum is tied to how you are doing in your fantasy football league?  ~laughs~  OMG, I think I just thought of something really fun!  I’m going to do that!.

Orgasm edging for Mistress

This can be done during your phone sex call or solo and then reported back to the Experienced Mistress.  Orgasm edging is amazing.  You get to the edge but do not have an orgasm again…..and again …. and again.  You gradually build up your stamina.  The cum builds up in your balls until your balls are so full they are aching for release.  When you DO get release you experience the really BIG orgasm!

And then, there is chastity

Chastity is not for the faint of heart!  Most men who are ready to try chastity will begin to explore by going a little longer between orgasms.  One day, one week or one month or more as you begin to explore.  Whether you wear a chastity device or are trying for self-chastity, you will find the expert guidance and support from this Experienced Mistress very ….. ahem …. helpful!  There are various types of chastity devices and I’ll talk more about those in a future blog post.

Your question.  Do you get a thrill when you think about being in chastity for your Mistress?  Have you ever or are you now in chastity?  Tell Me all about it!

Ms Olivia