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chastity and submission

What do you think?  Is chastity the ultimate form of submission to Mistress? How do YOU feel when you are owned by Ms Olivia?

I’m going to make a case for this because we both know that being cock locked does increase the feelings of submission for many people who are submissive.  This is true for the submissive man in chastity and the same is true when a coerced sissy scene includes this (because we both know that clitty needs to be locked up!).

Blog comments about being locked up

I love when someone is in chastity because they have all this …. ahem …. pent up energy!  ~laughs~  Posting blog comments here on Experienced Mistress is a wonderful way to communicate with Mistress and others about the swirl of excitement about chastity.  Here’s just one example of the erotic torment of being in chastity.

One caller’s experience with a Chastity Mistress

She has been generous enough to allow me out for play around 4 times and probably 6 or 7 seven of the aeros sessions while locked. Saturday night she had me out to fuck the see-through clear fleshlight on cam for her but I first had to cover her cock in desensitizing cream. Maintaining an erection was no issue and I could still feel pleasurable sensations, just not so overwhelming I lose it. Mistress and I watched HER rock hard & denied cock be enveloped by the flashlight pussy for well over 30 minutes! Talk about a mindfuck! Then last night, for our 1 month lock-up anniversary, I was treated to a 1 hour session of aneros play resulting in multiple dry O’s that would steadily build & build until I was involuntarily convulsing, hip bucking, and gyrating while moaning my Mistress’s name in broken speech. Up next is an on cam strap-on session later in the week as Mistress Fiona’s believes being pegged while locked is the ultimate submission.

Experienced Mistress and chastity

This chastity pet was talking about Ms Fiona but dare I say it?  I love to hear ohhhhhh no, Ms Olivia when I do a wicked tease and denial and then, BAM! You are cock locked again!  ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia