You need a Mistress to feminize you

Why?  There’s a bit of an element in erotic humiliation to some feminization scenes.  I think it’s FUN! It’s also hot to control you and make you into someone I want you to be — that is often why I feminize you — I want you to be girly for me.

I do like the whole idea of tricking or seducing a man into wearing panties and then maybe becoming a full on femme girly girl.  And some of you really enjoy that as well.  Some of you will read the title:  It’s fun to feminize a man …. and you’re already tingling, aren’t you?

There are so many role-play ideas for coerced feminization.

Humiliation and coerced feminization

I’m thinking about this because of a recent comment from a former caller.

He started with a bit of panty wearing and then feminization !!

I’m glad he keeps in touch via blog comments and such.  This comment brought back fond and naughty memories.

“I cried when both of you took me around mall like this but you kissed me on my cheeks and giggled saying I look so cute and adorable. I felt so weak when you picked out so many dresses for me then had me hold them. They were size 6 dresses and fit perfect. My body changed as it got smaller and more petite and my breasts grew up to d size. When both of you said if I don’t cum I can go back to being guy but you both took me in dressing room giving me lipstick kisses it was matter of time and I soaked my panties. You said I lost bet and I had to stay this way. As I cummed all I could say was yes mistresses.

“Those were the best calls ever where both of you did this to me all the time! I miss that and want to call you again.”

Mistress misses former callers

I DO miss some people who don’t call anymore.  I know that things change and circumstances change but I do miss the callers that I have a connection.  Thanks for the comments!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia