Masturbation Month

How do you celebrate Masturbation May? Tell me some of your favorite ways to masturbate.  I might even confess some of my own masturbation habits.

How does Mistress celebrate?

Check out the latest edition of our adult podcast The Weekly Hot Spot.  Ms Erika and I bring in Princess Cassidy for a conversation about our favorite topic!  I love how this sexy California Princess talks so casually about why and how she will ruin a man’s orgasm.  Her confession made me laugh.

Speaking of great laughs – you don’t want to miss our laughter when all three of us tell naughty stories of some behind the scenes antics of our crazy phone sex life.

We enjoy masturbating all year long but this is the month with the label and the publicity.  We’ll take any excuse for a party, especially a sex party!

Masturbation Month started 26 years ago by the sex toy shop Good Vibrations.  It’s billed as as “the annual sex-positive, awareness-raising international holiday.”  We sure agree with everything sex-positive.

Do you get to cum?

We love tease and denial games!  I know at least one person who won’t get to cum – in chastity now for over 50 days and no end in sight!  I’m not the Chastity Mistress for this pet; I’m just enjoying the show.

If you need a chastity Mistress or some ideas about stroking and edging, masturbation tips, new stroking techniques, or a wicked fun erotic roleplay partner reach out!  You can give yourself a hand and I can …. ahem … help!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia