Ready to see a new side of your favorite LDW Group Mistresses?  We specialize in the best phone sex and that means finding new and exciting ways to …. ahem …. reach out and *touch* you!  Okay I had to do that pun.

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Here are the tumblr links for 10 tumblr women.  I’ll post the next 10 for Monday (tomorrow).

LDW Phone sex audios — these are links to the sexiest free erotic audios

phone sex Mistress Olivia

 phone sex Mistress Constance

phone sex Mistress Delia

how to have phone sex with Ms Christine

phone sex Princess Melanie

sensual phone Mistress Alexis

phone sex Mistress Cooper

 Femdom calls with Ms Ryan

mind fuck mistress phone sex with Rita

If you’re totally new to tumblr, just send me an email and I’m happy to either walk you through how to use it or I’ll post a sexy tutorial on my blog.

Experienced Mistress on tumblr

I personally really really really REALLY enjoy tumblr!  ~laughs~  Get it, I like it!  You get to see a different side of me.  I don’t think I’d spend a whole blog post about Weird Al Yankovic when his new album dropped this past Tuesday.  But I did a quick tumblr post about it.

Sexy photos on tumblr

Tumblr is very visual and it’s easy to post and re-post photos so you see lots of lots of sexy photos!  Take a look at the links and let me know what you think.

Ms Olivia