He asked about being locked in chastity

Listen to me read you this Experienced Mistress blog.

So this Experienced Mistress said, let’s give it a try!  First I test him and I will test potential pets with this: chastity without a cock cage.  If you pass this, I might send you to buy a chastity cage.  I always check first.

Some people do quite well being cock locked and some people turn into whiney brats.  Mistress is not fond of needy brats.  That’s why I check to see if you have what it takes to be denied an orgasm.

Deny your pleasure for hers

One thing is for sure, when you are on orgasm denial your focus changes.  You might have Mistress use that pent up sexual energy to finish work or home projects.  You might use that sexual frustration to serve Mistress better.  You might use that erotic denial to become a better partner to your face to face partner.  You might just know that you need to do ‘something’ like this caller.

“I’m not sure that I had fully thought that one out, being locked in chastity and denied for long periods of time.  What I do know is that I was becoming more and more selfish as a husband and partner for my beautiful wife and not being there for her when I ought to be.”

Ultimate in submission

No matter the reason you come to Mistress for cock control, you WILL experience all sorts of feelings and emotions that are new to you.  It’s a roller coaster ride like no other.  Some say this is the ultimate in submission to a woman.

“I don’t know what initially turned me on by the idea of chastity, other than giving up some control.  After being on a strict chastity and denial program for almost 2 months, my wife has had numerous orgasms to my two.  I’ve never experienced anything like it before in my life.”

Are you ready for ….

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia