Mistress knows when you need to be a sissy in chastity

Sometimes, a Woman in Charge REALLY needs to take charge. I get excited when I have a smokin’ hot, sexy, and slutty sissy in chastity.  We can do so many things as your feminization training goes to the next level.

What will you do for your Mistress?

The conversation about whether you are ready for chastity is fun and intimate. You’ll hear some of the considerations in our BDSM podcast, The Weekly Hot Spot: Chastity Interview with Mature Metal. Think of all this as foreplay!

I might lock you up as part of your sissy training.  Remember, chastity is just like any other kink play – it can be sweetly sensual to mean or cruel depending on the Mistress, the scene and the goal.

No matter how others do their chastity program, yours will be unique.  One thing that is common to most chastity pets is that they are encouraged to focus on the things that really matter.

Turning this part of yourself over to the woman in your life is a tangible expression of your words when you say you’re a submissive.  This also deepens the bond between a pretty girl in feminization training and her Mistress. MY special sissy in chastity says:

I feel more submissive towards my Mistress and in general. I’m willing to do more for her and in that way put her needs before my own.”

This is the challenge and joy of being locked up. Make no mistake about it, if it were easy it wouldn’t be a challenge.  Being challenged is a huge part of experience.  Sometimes orgasm denial will make you sad, but praise and encouragement from your Mistress will help you.

This is elite BDSM power exchange.  Chastity might be the ultimate in submission, especially when this is combined with sissification. This sissy is smart and reflective.  These are perfect questions to ask your Mistress.

“From time and time I do ask myself why I do it because who doesn’t like to orgasm and cum?”

What’s wrong with me to like being sexually denied?

Ahh, my dear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your feelings. This is the paradox of BDSM and kink.  Sometimes I ask myself how I can be a mean or cruel Mistress in a scene when I’m a kind, loving person.  Personally, I think these kinds of insights are part of what make BDSM so much fun. (The clothes are fucking hot too.)

Locktober and expectations

Locktober was originally created to mean a challenge to stay cock locked for the 31 days of October.  Some will say it’s cheating to go less than 31 days. I’m not that limiting.

There will be some that are just starting their chastity journey, have home or work commitments that mean the cage has to come off, or some other valid reason.  I follow the intention of the challenge. For some of you, staying locked for a week will be a huge accomplishment (unless you’re into SPH, then it will be a small accomplishment).

What are YOU doing for Locktober?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia