Does your wife’s lover like to humiliate you?

Listen to me humiliate you with my silky voice reading you this blog post.

There is one man who has an amazingly hot wife.  SHE has a lover who is a young stud.  Awwww.  How humiliating. But wait, there’s more.

Her “poor” cuckold husband gets humiliated by the bull.  SHE gets a superior cock.  YOU reach new lowes by being dominated by an Alpha Male.

That young man does things like, tie up the cucky and steal his cloths.  How humiliating — being naked and vulnerable.  A Femdom isn’t the only one who likes to humiliate pathetic losers and that is what you are to him.

His wife’s lover made him stand in a corner, facing the wall.  Cucky wasn’t able to SEE the action on the bed but he certainly was able to hear it!  He had to listen to his wife being fucked by that young man.  He spent his corner time imagining all the ways that big, hard cock was plowing into his wife.  He had to stand there and listen to all the passionate noises she made!  Oh yeah, she loves that young hard cock.

He asked to be a cuckold

One of the most emotionally painful parts to him was the realization that he had surrendered all his rights to her superior lover.  The rights of a husband.  The rights of a man.  Everything.  Everything gone when the Alpha Bull made him say, “Please fuck my wife, I can’t do it.”

What will ultimately happen to the cuckold husband?  What will that Superior Man make him do?  How much will the Alpha humiliate the beta?  After all, we have learned that subservience is his role because his new Master has the Alpha cock.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia