Acceptance as a crossdresser

Listen to my voice tell you about acceptance as a crossdresser.

Do you yearn for acceptance when you are en femme?  If so, then you’re not alone.  For the crossdresser who wants to share the experience with a woman, this is always the dilemma, isn’t it?  When do you tell your partner?  Should you tell your partner?  And … of course … the biggest thing:  IF you tell your partner, what will she say and do?  I know this is the quintessential dilemma of a crossdresser.

For the lingerie wearing married man

This blog post is inspired by this quote I got in my blog comments:

“Most of us never opened up before we married making the revelations years later more difficult and for some of us its not just the dressing but the gender identity which adds to a SO (significant other) fears and concerns.
Today modern women are more open and aware so perhaps more accepting but in the older generation they had no more access to information then we did.”

Fetish experience versus gender identity

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Your desire to talk with the woman in your life about the woman in YOUR life probably depends on a lot on whether you are wearing lingerie for the fetish sexual experience or if this is an expression of gender identity.  Remember that gender identity, sex, fetish and arousal are usually fluid ways of being.  At various times you might want to be a sissy or crossdresser … or you might consider yourself transgender.

Connection for all the girly girls

The internet gives us all a way to connect.  That’s a good thing!  You know you’re not alone.  Our phone connection is also a way for us to connect.  I DO adore my femme girls!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia