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Do you wear panties under your man clothes?

Some men want to wear lingerie simply because women have the best undergarments!  It doesn’t have anything to do with gender identification.  It’s just great to be a man in sexy lingerie.  I get a lot of phone sex calls from guys who love to wear lingerie.  Some of you have asked things along the lines of this recent question:  “Does wearing women’s lingerie make me gay?”

Are all crossdressers gay or bi sexual?


Listen, there are all sorts of erotic experiences out there beyond naked male/female vanilla missionary position sex!  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  LOL)

The man that asked this question wanted to know if he was weird because he liked the feel of wearing lingerie.  He said he didn’t ‘think’ he was doing this as a fetish, didn’t consider himself a woman in a man’s body, wasn’t attracted to men or a man’s cock, etc.  He simply liked the feel of the feminine fabrics on his body.  I did a bit of erotic education before we launched into a super hot phone sex fantasy …. yes, he was in panties and a satin cami for the call.

When you ask a question like, is my fetish or am I weird … I have to ask you to take a step back and consider first, the underlying assumption behind that question.  Usually the assumption is that there is some supposed “normal” for erotic arousal and by definition you think you’re outside of that normal.  What do you think?  I’m curious and then I’ll answer the question more fully.

Ms Olivia