In honor of National Masturbation Month, I’ve been ‘researching’ the history of masturbation.  There are all sort of fun facts and sites dedicated to the fine art of self-pleasuring.

There is a website of faces of people as they orgasm …. it’s called Beautiful Agony.

This project is billed as facettes de la petite mort ….. I, of course, as SEEN the faces of lovers as they orgasm and even if I’m looking in the mirror I’ve never really seen my own face in orgasm …. so this is quite a treat to see all these expressions and hear the moans.  That’s one thing I love about phone sex …. I get to HEAR my callers moan …. of course, moaning turns into begging during tease and denial sessions.  Sometimes I say ‘yes’ and sometimes ….. well, just BEG for it baby and you experience the ‘agony’ of orgasm denial.

Guided masturbation sessions are amazingly fun …. where I get to give instructions for cock stroking and more …. “okay stroker boy, here’s what I want you to do …. make a circle with you thumb and index finger ….. place it at the base of your cock …..”

Of course, moaning in anticipation of the ultimate orgasm is fun to hear during fantasy phone sex …. and it’s equally enjoyable for me during rapid fire IM sessions that are called sexy texting.   If you want to experience a powerful organism I can guide you right thru your deepest and most erotic kinky fantasies via text messaging.  It gives brand new meaning to the phrase …. let your fingers do the walking.

Enjoy ….. and stroke for me, baby!