Does Masturbation Month mean you get to cum?

Listen to me read you this Masturbation Month audio blog post.

When do I let you cum?  That’s a good question.  While many people are masturbating to orgasm in celebration of Masturbation May, others are cock locked for Mistress. Long term tease and denial strokers MIGHT get a surprise orgasm for Masturbation Month.

Edging and orgasm denial

You know I adore tease and denial.  I think chastity is smokin’ hot. I have a new chastity slave that you will meet in the coming months here on my blog.  This chastity boy is not new to chastity, in fact he has my favorite chastity cage.  Good boy!

Tease and denial with a ruined orgasm

There are so many ways to do cock control tease and denial.  I can tease you and tease you and then tell you that you get to cum ….. but, then order you to use your thumb and pinch off your cock when you know you’re going to cum.  It doesn’t stop your orgasm but it does ruin it.  Then … oh yeah, back into more T&D !

Masturbation Month

There’s a reason why it’s not called ORGASM MONTH … so, let’s get you back in massive amounts of edging and that delicious ache in your balls from lots of cock teasing.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia