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There are many pre-made chastity devices.  You can buy various types, just go to any BDsm store and take a look around.  If you’ve got money and time to burn then try a variety of devices and see what feels good ….. well, feels good in that “ohhhh, this feels bad but good” kind of Dominance/submission kind of way.  This dance of desire is what makes a Femdom Mistress so very seductive.

My personal suggestion is to get a hand made cock cage that is fitted to your exact measurements.  I like the options and customer service from Mature Metal.  Plus, some of the cage names are wonderful!  ~laughs~  Imagine just how excited you’ll be when you send in your penis measurements to order something called a Queen’s Keep, Pet Trap or Watchful Mistress!  Aren’t those great names?  You know that cock control is playful in a wicked sort of way.  Chastity is just the logical extension of those games and bring you to the next level of extreme cock control.

So, to get the right size, you’ll need to take a variety of measurements.  Obviously, don’t measure when you’re stroking your hard cock!  Naughty boy!  THAT is why Mistress puts a naughty stroker in chastity!  For accurate measurements, your penis needs to be soft but not shriveled.  Measure at different times of the day.  When you report your measurements in your phone sex call with this Experienced Mistress I will make the final determination of what sizes you will order.

The measurements are from the base of the penis to the tip and the diameter.  You will measure your diameter using something called chastity sizing rings.  When we get you all measured there are a couple of options.  I can ask you questions or you can show Me your cock and balls via skype when we’re doing a session.  I’m making a decision on how big the gap between the rings will be.  It can be anywhere from about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch.  I’ll tell you what gap size to get.

How are you feeling right now?  ~laughs~  If you’re interested in being in chastity for a Mistress chances are your cock is hard and THAT, my dear, is why that naughty dick needs to be locked up!


Ms Olivia