I am a real life Mistress.  That means I actually do (or have done) these kinky things.  In the privacy of our individualized phone sex session, I share much more about the real life kink fetish scene, but I’m going to give you a peek into My personal fetish life on this blog. Let’s talk about spanking!Femdom Mistress Olivia experience matters

Mistress loves to paddle bare bottoms!

There are some bottoms that just need a spanking, don’t you think?  ~grinz~  I do!  I’m a Femdom Mistress, therefore I’ve got lots of spanking implements in My personal fetish toy bag.

Mistress does have favorite toys and scenes

Someone new to the Experienced Mistress will generally ask, ‘What is your favorite thing to do?”  That is a complex answer.  It’s not the scene per se that gets Me hot, it’s the quality of interaction between the two of us.  Power exchange is what I adore when I’m in Mistress-mode.  I’m all for ANY scene that creates that *zing*.  The same can be said of the Mistress toys in My fetish bag.  My favorite toy is the one that I’m using!

Different paddles for different spanking scenes

Sex toys and fetish gear are wonderful items in an of themselves, but remember it’s all in service of the scene play.  By that I mean the best spanking item depends on several things:  the scene itself, where the energy is in the scene arc, and the desired physical sensation.

Creating scene arcs with different types of spanking.

The scene arc is how I think of what happens during a fetish scene.  It’s like a story arc — beginning (warm up), middle (conflict, heroic journey, tasks) and then the ending (winding down).  AFTER the scene is the cool down/scene aftercare but that’s a different blog post!

I’ll give a brief example using spanking only.  The traditional school boy paddle or Governess paddle is ideal for beginning play because the long narrow spank surface is perfect for getting right under the curve of the bottom.  Short, soft and multiple taps on that soft curve will physically cause the prostate to start humming!  It’s a nice warm up to OTK (over the knee), bondage play and more.

What do YOU like about spanking?

Now, it’s your turn.  I’ve given you a brief peek inside My personal Mistress fetish bag.  I have MORE paddling implements (I’ll talk about that next) but I want to hear from YOU now.  What do you like (in real life OR in fantasy)?  How does spanking or paddling add to your erotic pleasure?  Do tell in the comments section or a phone call!

Ms Olivia