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Mistress is curious about you

Are you a member of Enchantrix Empire?  If you’re not, it’s easy and free to register for our adult social networking site.

Many of you ask how you can communicate with this Experienced Mistress.  Here’s part of your answer.  I post a lot of polls on Enchantrix Empire.  You can vote and also leave comments.  I respond to comments and you might inspire some blogs posts and even a free sexy audio!

Ways to communicate with me outside of your session

I encourage you to email me outside of your sessions.  I am on IM as enchantrixolivia but please note that I use IM primarily for sexy texting sessions.  I’ve noticed that people who IM a lot before a session are generally disappointed because I will get a call and then leave our IM time.  This leaves you hanging and not in a good way.  My longest time on a call was 13 hours and my average call time is about 45 minutes, so you might be all revved up and aching to call and then …. the moment will pass.  This is the main reason why I encourage you to email me and then not delay your call.

Another reason why I prefer email to IM for our time outside of sessions

When I’m logged in I’m doing a number of things.  I’m multi tasking and that means I’m not able to concentrate on you or your IMs.  I might be having a variety of conversations across several platforms:  emails, blog comments, Enchantrix Empire, forum comments, Skype requests, tumblr, twitter, facebook … wow, I’m tired just writing that!  The bottom line is I LIKE to concentrate on you and I do that when you send an email.

My email is olivia AT enchantrixempire.com

I know you sometimes want the undivided attention on IM, let’s do a sexy texting session and you will have my undivided and very personal attention that makes us both happy.

Ms Olivia