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What is YOUR unique sexual fetish?  What really gets your juices flowing?  ~laughs~  And, did that question about your sexual fantasies inspire your … ahem … juices to start flowing?  I’ll admit, I got a twinge writing that!

Phone Sex is Perfect for Your Sexual Fetish

If you’ve done a call or sexy texting session with Me then you know that phone sex is perfect for erotic roleplays.  Sometimes the fantasy is amazing as a fantasy and it’s something that you would never do in person.  Other times, you can re-experience a certain sexual turn on that you don’t have access to in your current, daily life.  A perfect example of this is the straight man who sucks cock for Mistress.

Fascinated with Cocks

I have a caller who loves cock and loves to eat cum.  AND like most erotic needs he’s got his own twist on what he wants.  Here’s the beginning of the conversation:

“My favorite LDW mistress is Olivia. Not only do I enjoy the phone calls, but I also look forward to her intelligent, well written blog entries. In a recent IM conversation I asked her to write a blog entry on the topic of shemales, one of my favorite fantasies. Instead of just writing something herself, she did something even better, she asked me to write about my fetish. From Olivia: “Tell me what about shemales you love, where the fetish came from”. This led me down an interesting path of introspection.”

 What is YOUR sexual fetish?

We’ll hear all about this callers’ sexual turn ons in a series of up-cumming blogs.  But, I want to start things off by inspiring YOU (like I inspired him).  Write in the comments, send an email (olivia AT or call …. I want to hear ALL about your individual take on your erotic desires!  Who knows, YOUR sex fetish might just inspire a blog post!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia