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Take a listen to my Mistress Interview

I absolutely loved doing my Mistress Interview with Miss Constance.  You know I adore the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance — she is smart, sexy, fucking HOT AS HELL — she is my friend as well as a favorite Mistress playmate.

I can’t say enough about Miss Constance and how amazing she is … on a wicked phone sex call or offline and helping me with something technical.  She’s wonderful …. maybe you can hear a bit of that girl on girl love in the Mistress Interview.  ~wink~ Which brings me to the topic of masturbation questions.  Speaking of audios, if you want to listen to this blog post, click on ** Listen to Ms Olivia audio ** .

Masturbation Questions by Miss Constance

Ms Constance 1-800-601-6975

Miss Constance posted a bunch of masturbation questions on her blog, Intelligent Femdom.  I love reading the answer from other people and got inspired to answer these questions as well.  You can see from my answers to her Chastity Interview that I tend to be wordy so this might take several blog posts but, hey, it IS masturbation May so it’s a perfect time to talk about masturbation and more!

Does Mistress masturbate at work?

I fucking LOVE her question, “Do you masturbate at work?” ….. that’s actually one one the reasons why phone sex is so much FUN for me.  Listen, I don’t masturbate on every phone sex call but there are certain calls that get my motor running so to speak and when that happens … well, I’m right there with you … oh you might or might not know that I’m masturbating.  If it’s appropriate to tell you during your call, I will tell you … if it isn’t I’ll just have a quiet lil private orgasm without saying a word.  If you’re curious about what I do with YOU, just ask.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia