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Here are the rules.  Actually there’s only ONE main rule!  For the purposes of cock control, I am in charge.

Mistress makes the rules

Okay, that’s the main rule.  I make all the rules.  If you can remember that then you’re already on your way to getting a nice reward from Mistress.  What is the reward?  ~laughs~  Anything I say!  Remember, I make the rules.  That means I can change the rules, make up new rules, do away with any rules….it’s the true meaning of the phrase Mistress Rules!

Stroke that cock for Mistress

I love it when you stroke for Me.  I like it even more when I get to hear you jack off but if I’m not available for your call right now you ARE allowed to stroke that cock.  And, I’ll even tell a sexy cock stroking technique in this free erotic audio about masturbation.  There are all sorts of ways for you to masturbate.  You don’t have to be stuck with the same old masturbation style you’ve had for years.

Isn’t Mistress so nice to you today?  *wink*  Of course I am!  Why Mistress is always nice!  Well, not always.  Sometimes I am a wicked cock tease because hey, I like making you all hot and horny and then telling you that you don’t get to cum.  This is cock tease and denial or orgasm edging.  I might let you cum eventually….but only if you follow the rules.  That goes back to the very first rule and what is THAT?

Good stroker boy for Mistress

Yes……good boy ….. Mistress makes the rules!  I see you are very quick on that particular learning curve.

Now, hands OFF your dick.  Yes, hands OFF.  It’s time for you to type in comments.  What did you think of that new cock stroking technique.  Did you try it?  What do you think about the Mistress Rules?  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia