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Here’s a quick heads up on my schedule.  I’ll be away and offline for a long Labor Day weekend but back for limited hours on Labor Day itself.  Here are the exact days.  Vacation:  Thursday, Sept 3 – until Monday, Sept. 7th.  I’m not sure what hours I’ll be available on Monday, September 7th but I figure since it is Labor Day you should labor for your Mistress! ~laughs~  Okay seriously if you would like an appointment on Monday, Sept 7th just send me an email:  olivia AT enchantrixempire.com and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you can talk with me.

Now to the sexy news

You know I’m phone sex Mistress Olivia on tumblr.  You don’t need to sign up to see the sexy photos.

I’ve got another sexy fun way to see all the naughty visuals that I have in my head … and perhaps you have in your head as well.  I’ve joined pinterest.

Mistress on pinterest

If you haven’t tried pinterest here’s the low down.  It’s one of those sites that makes you register with an email before you can do an unlimited browsing.  I used to say, it’s not worth joining pinterest but a sweet (and naughty) sissy convinced me to join.  I think this is a FANTASTIC site — it’s especially wonderful for you if you love amazing lingerie, beautiful women and stunning visuals!  I have 5 boards; these are groups on photos on a topic.  My boards are:  Mistress, sissy needs 50 shades of pink, beginning of feminization, crossdresser wedding and Britany Fem LUV.

How to use pinterest.

First, join pinterest.  You can create a throwaway email just remember your email because you’ll need to check it to confirm your registration.  You can also google for a tech life hack.  I googled “using pinterest without signing up”.  I found lots of options.  You won’t be able to pin on the boards but you will find and see my boards without the frustrating popup.

My pinterest link:  www.pinterest.com/OliviaMistress/

Email me if you have questions or problems … or are curious about doing a call!  Remember, I’m on a mini vacation soon.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia