Sissy humiliation: I love laughing 

Listen to me laugh in this sissy humiliation audio.

Are you a sexual loser ??  Are you a panty obsessed chronic masturbator?  I know there are a LOT of panty obsessed wankers.  ~laughs~   The sissy loser gets excited about feeling women’s underwear against that shrimpy dicklet.  I tell my girlfriends about this pathetic creature and we laugh!  We all love sissy humiliation.

Sissy gets put in place.

What is “the place”?   For a certain limerick loving faggley … that sissy humiliation place is with Mistress.  I say:  you will suck real men’s cocks.  You will pay dominant, assertive women to humiliate you.  You will hear how much of a doormat and pushover you are.  ~laughs~

No real sex ever

This loser simply boggles my Mistress mind!  I’ll share a limerick he wrote to … ahem … clarify his circumstances.

Slipping into my cum stained panties is a hex

inside my teeny weenie knows what’s next.

With 2 fingers I’m strumming.

Before long I’ll be cumming.

This is the closest I’ll get to real sex.

Sissy humiliation by Ms Olivia

Teased and humiliated … that’s a fun ass call for me too!  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia