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I’m the Mistress of the week

Have you heard about the Mistress of the week celebration?  You might get 10 minutes of free phone sex with this Experienced Mistress if you participate in the Mistress of the Week celebration this week — April 21st.  It’s very simple to play.  Just do a session with me and then leave a phone sex review of our session on the Rate My Call page.

You know, even if you don’t care at all about the 10 free minutes of phone sex I would love to have more of you leave reviews.  Who doesn’t love to have a slew of great comments?  I know I do ~smiles~  I just got a totally unexpected review of a spanking phone sex call that was so much fun!  Reading the review brings the call back to my mind (and my pussy lips) and made me smile (and tingle!)

Extra phone sex fun for you

I’m thinking about doing something else for my callers during my Mistress of the week celebration.  What should I do?  I know I’ve got the sexy photos on my tumblr page.  You are keeping up with Phone sex Mistress Olivia on tumblr, aren’t you?  If you haven’t found me — or the other LDW Group Mistresses on tumblr — then you are missing out on some very sexy fun.  Tumblr is wonderful because it’s visual foreplay with ways to communicate quickly.  It’s a different vibe than my blog and I like the variety so take a look and tell me what you think.

What kind of phone sex treat do you want?

Give me some ideas and I’ll see what I can do for some extra treats for you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia