Oh my dear sweet callers ….. I’m getting questions about the last blog posting …. some of you are *worried* that I am being “Scrooge-like* for the holidays …..

No No No …… nothing could be further from the truth …. rest assured I am having the BEST TIME this holiday and I’m fully *INTO* the holiday spirit. This promises to be the BEST Christmas in years and I’m so psyched about the holiday …. really really really. For those of you who know me even just a little bit you KNOW that I’m going to poke fun at the whole deal simply because I like to laugh.

And, I’ve been getting some dandy comments about my laugh ….. for those of you into erotic humiliation my laugh has been described as deliciously evil. Oh MY!

I don’t know about EVIL …. but I will say that I do enjoy a good laugh ….. and SEX should be FUN, right….since it surely so often is very FUNNY ….. phone sex can be a really delightful way to pass the time and many of my callers will call simply to enjoy my company.  I LOVE THAT.  That’s such a compliment.  Other callers want something like guided masturbation and when appropriate I (and they) enjoy the gentle teasing and laughter that can also accompany an intense masturbation session.

The bottom line is …. with me ….. you’ll experience a sense of playfulness …. because …. well ….. I’m PLAYFUL …. playful in so many ways …. *snicker* …. and if you would like to come PLAY with Me …. you know what to do …. simply CALL.

Deliciously yours, Olivia    …… for a GOOD TIME call:  1-800-356-6169.