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Mistress Emma Jane and D/s communication

Note from Ms Olivia:  This is the second part of an email that EJ and I had after I posted this blog about Dominance, submission and communication.  Now here’s Ms Emma Jane:

Relationship with a Mistress

(2) A D/s relationship IS a relationship, and the power differential does not preclude the existence of that relationship. …And what is essential for any relationship to be successful? Communication.  You can read that in the first guest blog about phone sex communication.

Every D/s relationship has rules, agreements, boundaries, expectations, desires, goals, etc., with BOTH parties being involved in the sharing and establishment of said items. Dominance does not mean arbitrarily imposing your will upon another; it means collaborating with your submissive on the desired -and SHARED- shared dynamic.

Submissive: “I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Dominant: “I want you to step out in front of that moving bus.” You’re the sub who thinks blind blanket submission is what a Dominant wants (or should want), regardless of your own feelings on the matter, so… Do you do it? If you feel you have no “right” or “place” in putting forth your own desires and boundaries, then you cannot refuse? Right?! So your become subby roadkill because you felt making your own wants and needs clear was questioning your Dominant’s authority, which is wrong and simply could not be done. Now, you’re being scraped off the pavement with a spatula because you couldn’t open your mouth… (Extreme example? Yes? Did you get the point though? I would expect so.)

Ms Emma Jane that IS an extreme example but I love the point you make because you’re right, D/s or Dominance and submission is a dance … there IS a leader and the follower or submissive does follow but both parties agree on the dance!

Well said and thank you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia