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Origin of the Ms Olivia fuck fuck audio

I love your blog comments and sometimes I get a blog comment that inspires a blog post or a free sexy audio. I got a comment that threw me at first but when I thought about it, I realized this will make a fun blog post that starts an Experienced Mistress series on how to choose a phone sex Mistress for you.  I’ll have a variety of tips about how to communicate with your Mistress between sessions and before your phone sex session.  I believe phone sex relationships are just like any relationship. Communication is important.  Boundaries need to be respected.  And each person in the relationship needs to agree on expectations.

Explicit phone sex audios

LDW Group is the premier phone sex company and each of the Mistresses here gives massive amounts of free communication outside of sessions and that includes free sexy audios.  I post audios on my tumblr account, Phone Sex Mistress Olivia on tumblr.  I got this request in my tumblr mailbox.  I didn’t save the message but it was something along the lines of a request that I do some audios that are less ‘business like and informative’ …. mmmmmm, like a SESSION?

What is a phone sex session

~laughs~  Well yeah, so a session is different from a free audio — we’re both adults and we know that so I’m not going to dignify that silliness.  If you want time that is personal, undivided and explicit then let’s get you a session! If you’re getting free time then it’s like most things that are free, the price is right so you might not get exactly what you want. ~laughs~ But, hey it’s free, right?  So, here’s the free FUCK FUCK audio because this request actually IS a good one and it’s funny.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia