** Listen to the Ms Olivia audio of this masturbation assignment **

That penis has been ‘yours’ for as long as you can remember.   Now it is time for you to turn over cock control to this Experienced Mistress.  I love to give you a cock tease and denial masturbation assignment here on the blog, and I sometimes give you a freebie jack off.

Prep for Cock Stroking

You will need lube for this assignment.  I recommend that you try olive oil (warm but not hot) or coconut oil.  I really like the smell and feel of these natural oils for cock stroking, and you’ll smell like a snack!  When the oil is warm do some deep breathing exercises with your eyes closed.  Take a deep breath in, hold the breath for 5 counts and slowly breath out. Do this three times. Don’t stroke during the breathing, but you are allowed to lightly grip that shaft or, better still, gently cup those balls that will begin to get full and tight as you stroke for Mistress.

 Masturbation Instructions

  1. Open your eyes and dip just the tips of your fingers into the warm olive oil.
  2. Stroke that shaft from the base up to the top with your oil coated fingers.
  3. Go slow. Pay attention. Notice how Mistress cock control is so much better than your own jerk off. FEEL that cock stiffening and beginning to yearn for more.
  4. Put warm olive oil on the palms of your hands.
  5. Wrap one hand around the base of that cock and stroke up and down for 20 minutes.  Do NOT CUM.  Hold the sensation just under the point of no return for your orgasm.  This is called surfing on the edge of your orgasm.
  6. STOP —- hands off the shaft
  7. Take your oil coated fingers and stroke your nipples.
  8. Then stroke again and surf that orgasm.  Careful now, don’t cum.  Edge for 10 minutes.
  9. Stop and go back to your nipples.
  10. Stroke again and edge for 5 more minutes.

Mistress, May I Cum?

We have a whole site devoted to the phrase May I Cum orgasm tease and denial, because we want you to BEG.  Come on now, I want to hear you whimper and beg.  If you want to jack off on your own, then do your own thing.  But, when you want real Mistress cock control, you know what you need to do, the phone sex call is ALWAYS better than the blog post.  Ready for your explosive orgasm or maybe even more orgasm denial?  I’m available today, so let’s play!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia