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sissy panty shopping

Picture this — your Femdom Mistress taking you shopping for panties.  I love it when my man wears panties and now that I know you’re a sissy … well, we’ve got to make sure you are in your sissified best!  I know where you’ll be wearing those panties and what you’ll be doing.  ~grinz~  So, let’s get you started!  Get some purple panties — I want you to have at least 7 pairs of panties.

your assignment

An assignment after your phone sex call is a perfect way for us to keep in touch.  After all phone sex is great for fantasy exploration and the assignments will help train you to be the best you can be for your Mistress!  When you’re in pretty panties for Mistress, we both have such a lively time!

your panties

I see the panties you have for Mistress and I want several more choices. I do like the sheer, lace panties on you and when you’re on cam for Mistress I can see …… hmmmmmm …. oh my, this post will get too naughty for the blog!  ~laughs~  There will always be a difference between a fucking hot phone sex session and these general flirts and teases on my blog.  That said, I want some revealing panties on my sissy!  Maybe you should even get crotchless panties!  I’m a fan of tanga thong panties on a sissy — feminine, and sort of framing your sissy ass in lace!  Of course, rhumba panties with all of those ruffles are a perfect panty … so frilly and feminine … when a sissy is in frilly outfits you really know your place.

naughty sissy

What IS the place for a naughty girly girl?  Why, on your knees, of course!  ~laughs~  Now, how many panties do YOU have and when will you get more?

Ms Olivia