Body worship in a virtual world

Listen to my voice tell you about sex in a virtual world.

Imagine … you are with me in a virtual world.  Your sexy avatar gets to interact in real time with my sexy avatar.  We are connecting on so many levels, in so many ways.  This is the main reason why LDW Group phone sex now gives you a chance to connect in virtual reality.

During our role play, we are emoting and sharing our thoughts and feelings.  We can be on the phone, Skype or voice inworld.  We can also instant message inworld.  We visually see our bodies touching.  You will see, hear and fully experience your touch on my body.  The virtual world experience brings body worship to the next level of intimacy and passion.

Turned on in a virtual world

I think it’s a turn on to get to know you.  We can explore our virtual world doing all kinds of regular dating things: going to clubs, dancing, dining out, going to a movie, having a picnic in the park, going sailing, relaxing on the beach and more.  Let’s explore that virtual world together!  After all, adventures are even more fun with someone special.

Sex in a 3D world

There are so many ways to explore my sexy body.  Maybe you’re going to worship my body while I’m in a Mistress chair or Queening chair.  Maybe we will be in my bed.  There are lots of options.

Imagine … on your knees in front of me. Take my feet in your hands and worship my sexy feet and pretty toes. Enjoy my long legs in those silky, sexy stockings. Lick my ass. Make my pussy thrill to your touch. Massage my lovely body all over.

Mmmmmm, that’s right. Touch me right there!

xoxo, Olivia