Reason for the delay in our adult podcast blog posting

Just like the delay in Opening Day of the baseball season for my beloved (and beleaguered) NY Mets – our adult podcast blog, The Weekly Hot Spot, is experiencing delays in posting.

By the way, the featured image doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post but it’s hot and I figured you wouldn’t mind. I’m right, huh?

Mets versus Nationals

The Nationals have a covid outbreak so MY opening day is postponed until Monday at the earliest. Damn!  I even bought hot dogs and peanuts in the shell!  I was ready I tell you, ready for baseball season!


What’s a Mistress to do?

I could head to the beach and …. mmmmmmmmm …. ya know.  OR I can catch up on blog stuff (that I was supposed to already have done!).

The adult podcast The Weekly Hot Spot has a blog and I did a really dumb thing.  I thought – hey, won’t it be great to have the our BDsm podcast transcribed with headline categories, links and photos?  Oh yeah, it looks AMAZING (please go look at it even if you don’t read it).

Each blog post is nearly 7,000 words. What was I thinking?  Now that it’s there and looking so snazzy, I don’t want to dumb it down.  That’s the delay in blog posting. It’s transcribed then I edit it and add everything else.

Listen to this BDsm themed podcast every week

You can hear the newest podcast every Monday at 1 pm eastern time.  There’s no delay in the podcast, just the blog.  You can listen “live” on Cock Radio on Spreaker.

You can also listen on The Weekly Hot Spot on Apple podcasts. I’m not sure how long it takes for the podcast collection apps to pick up the new episode but I think Spreaker will have the first opportunity to listen.

I have to wait until at least Monday for the Nats and the Mets to play .. maybe I should get some naked frolickin’ in … that would sure make me feel better!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia