Do you want February to be an unforgettable month? I do! I would love to have multi Mistress session fun with you and one (or more) of my Mistress friends! 

For the entire month of Femdom February, we are offering 20% off all multi Mistress calls.  In this blog, you’ll meet some of the Mistresses I know and adore!  

I don’t handle the $ details so ask the Dispatchers for what you need to know. This is good for phone / skype and texting sessions.  It doesn’t work for click to call sessions because there is no 2 Mistress option – but it’s always fun to talk with one of our great Dispatchers so don’t be shy!

How to line up your multi Mistress session

Contact me (or any lady) and ask about adding a Mistress (or more) to your session.  I can help pick a Mistress and/or coordinate with a Mistress you pick. That’s it.  That’s all you do – we’ll work with you to set an appointment or we can play it by ear but know that we will bend over backwards to make it work (if at all possible).

Mistress Interviews on our kink podcast

Are you a fan of our BDSM / kink podcast? We talk about sex, life, phone sex, distance domination and all sorts of other things. My co-host Ms Erika and I fit together really well as you can hear with our solo episodes.  We’ve already double teamed a bunch of you that got inspired by hearing us together on the podcast.  Here’s a link to the homepage of The Weekly Hot Spot on Spotify

If you scroll through the episodes, you’ll find a bunch of Mistress Interviews. Tabetha, Riley and Lacey all have done interviews and those are being scheduled right now!

Here are some quick and easy links to podcast episodes that have already posted. Most of the interviews are between 30 minutes to an hour. Some are group interviews where you can hear a variety of ladies on the same topic.

For example, as we planned the Cock Control Strokeathon, the participating ladies all did an interview. These are some quick snippets that show the variety of style, personality, voice, etc.

Meet the Mistresses of Stroke-a-thon

Cock stroking challenge from the Mistresses of the Strokeathon

A sex podcast that is not always about sex

Sometimes, you only want to talk about your fantasy or sex. That’s fine!  We can talk about other things – you wouldn’t believe the wealth of knowledge, experience and interests we have.  Here are 2 links that give you a sample of the variety of interests.

Femdom Mistress Choice: Best of 2021

More Mistress Choice picks and Behind the scenes conversations

Kink, BDSM and fetish topics

There are lots of episodes where a kinky friend joins us to talk about a particular topic for example:

More than one Mistress – listen to the interviews on our kink podcast

Ms Erika and I have a lot of Mistress Interviews and we add more all the time. We love doing the Mistress Interviews because we also get to know other ladies.  Here are the Mistress Interviews:

Treat yourself with our Femdom February multi Mistress discount

You never know what sensual or wicked thing will happen when you add another Mistress to your call. Maybe you want to indulge in something extraordinary, unlock some forbidden secrets, or just escape everyday life for a few hours – we have just the thing for you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia