My favorite myths about crossdressers

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There are a lot of myths about gender.  In some societies switching gender is not only accepted; it is celebrated.  That’s not really the case in Western culture, even though things are changing because the conversation about gender is more public.  When things are taboo or out of the so-called norm, that’s where you get lots of bad information.  Here are my top two pet peeves about crossdressers.

Myth #1: All crossdressers are gay

The vast majority of crossdressers are straight males who are (and remain) attracted to women even while dressed en femme.  Look just a bit closer and you will find lots of nuances about why a man wants to wear panties.  For example, a crossdresser experiencing life en femme can be connecting with women and the feminine, expressing his submission to women, attracted to men or even attracted to other women as a lesbian.  Gay feelings might be when he/she was always meant to be a sissy or for erotic humiliation no matter the gender identification.

Myth #2: Crossdressing is only a sexual fetish

I think it’s often called a fetish because many crossdressers experience sexual arousal while dressed.  That’s true many do.  But, hey, I’m aroused when I put on sexy panties, silky stockings and beautiful, feminine clothing.  Is that a fetish when I do that?  Personally I always say there is MORE than meets the eyes or the easy stereotype.  For some, the act of wearing women’s clothing IS arousing but it’s not the main thing — dressing en femme means the outside matches the inside view of gender.

What myths have you noticed (about yourself or others)?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia