There have been quite a few of you fairly begging for more photos …. What my smart and sexy fetish phone sex isn’t ENOUGH? … Ha!  Now, don’t get Me wrong, I DO so enjoy hearing your gasping voices as you beg for release … but I have decided, in My Graciousness to include this new photo.  Enjoy and DO NOT get that mess on your screen, it’s hell to clean off.  ~grinz~

So…..the fantastic re-vamped Good Cock / Bad Cock with the lovely and talented Mistress Elizabeth was quite the rave last night …. and I do hope you will continue to join us for our Masturbation Interrogation every Tuesday evening at 9pm est in the Community Kink Chat Room …. we’ll be in the Humiliation Room tormenting these delightfully delicious creatures that come in to *play.*

Speaking of torment …. I am hearing from so MANY of you who are quite taken with my audio NO … it’s pretty self-explanatory really …. No.  Hmmmmmm …. really ….. that’s IT …. very quite simply, NO.  I actually created that audio on a lark …. whilst teasing in IM … I have found I quite enjoy your suffering during cock tease and denial sessions so I put together the NO audio … there have been many responses …. this sums up the comments quite well:

“I loved the “No” audio. I never knew how many ways a person could say “NO” and how many different emotions and reactions I felt to it.  It was fantastic.  I listen to it everytime I’m masturbating alone.  It keeps me excited and focused on not cumming.  Thank You.”

Would this be considered a Public Service Announcement….who would I ASK?   ~ giggle ~

Until next time…..remember when you’re ready for the Ultimate call Me @ 1-800-356-6169.  Until then, listen to ……