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Do you sometimes feel like your hands are tied?  Like you’re trying to get things done and you are wearing handcuffs?

I know the feeling!  ~laughs~  So, that’s what the old YIM name was doing so I have a new YIM name, EnchantrixOlivia.  Please delete the old YIM name of empress.olivia.  If you’d like to instant message with the Experienced Mistress, then please use EnchantrixOlivia.

Now we can both get into the FUN part of being bound up!  Tell Me, do you enjoy being a knotty boy or are you more into simply being naughty? A little (or a lot) of cock teasing and cock control might be in your future.

And, to take the question just a little farther — because you know how I like to push boundaries — what is your *flavor* of naughty?  What do you like to do on your phone sex calls?  Are you a lovely sissy or crossdresser that yearns to be coerced into all sorts of wicked behavior?

Tell ALL to Mistress and we’ll…..ahem…..discuss!  ~wink~

Ms Olivia