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(( This is part 2 of a chastity guest post by my friend and fellow LDW Group Mistress, Ms Constance. I love her for many reasons. The Intelligent Femdom Ms Constance is straight up about what she likes and she does not like to do with you on phone sex calls.  She is known as a Size Queen and she loves chastity.  We all know that not everyone is a candidate to be cock locked so Ms Constance has this chastity checklist that continues here today with this guest post by Ms Constance:

Ms Constance says:   Avoid Chastity if you require

You should avoid chastity if you require 24­/7 attention because simply put in our situation doing chastity phone sex all though I may be one of the most supportive and attentive Mistresses here I am not able to be here 24­7 for you. I have many things that can happen spontaneously in my life that may take me a way for a day or so……the last thing I want is for you feel alone or neglected.

Be honest with yourself and your expectations and avoid being in lock up if you think it might make you feel lonely or left out.

These are just a few reasons why chastity may not be for some people the list is endless really and each person is different. If chastity is what you crave and enjoy but you might not want to do it for any real length of time talk to your Mistress work something out that will work for both of you.

Never forget that you not being able to handle chastity is not a bad thing, doing it then backing out or throwing a fit because of the denial and lack of control is a bad thing and you are best to avoid it all together.

Ms Olivia says: Orgasm Denial is FUN!

I totally agree with the cautions about denial as outlined by Ms Constance.  She’s right on target.  BUT …. if you are intrigued by the ultimate in being cock locked then you can always send an email asking for more information … or better yet, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Ms Constance!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia