As some of you know, I love baseball.  I’m a Mets fan so “my” team isn’t in the World Series — hells bells we didn’t even make the playoffs. Sigh, big sigh.  But, like any true Mets fan, hope springs eternal, and I’m already getting excited for next year.

baseball Mistress Olivia

For all my fellow baseball lovers this is a really fun World Series. Yes, it’s fun to watch even though I “ain’t got no dawg in this hunt” so to speak.  I say that because, well it’s TEXAS so that sounds a bit Texas-y.  I know several of you are rooting for the Rangers … looking at you Jizzy!  Is anyone here a Diamondbacks fan?  I’m a huge Tommy Pham fan but other than that kind of indifferent to the D-backs.

Okay, back to the Mets.  Here’s some trivia for you from my friend Michael. He told me about this song: Ode to the Mets by the Strokes.

Of course, I laughed. Tell a cock control Mistress about a band called The STROKES and yep that’ll get a laugh.  I looked up the lyrics and huh, it’s not actually ‘about’ the Mets — and yet, it kind of is. Here’s one interview about the song Ode to the Mets.  And this write up from Reddit, source of so much fun info that may or may not be true.

Back to the sex in the next blog.

Ms Olivia