What would the world be if we measured our lives in terms of moments that make us go OH! …. ? …. and not just merely Oh! but rather Oh! Oh! Oh! ….. <soft exhale of breath> …. ??

Any reasonably healthy fool can have sex.  In fact, sick fools also have sex.  So it basically comes down to fools and sex.  But, there is something available beyond that …. if you want it … if you allow yourself to open up to it.

Guided masturbation is sooooooo much more than technique.  Sure there are different techniques available and these are *fun* to try and do … but in that space beyond what you think you know about your own sexual pleasure …. there exists a lush garden full of all that you don’t know that you don’t know.  ((that’s not a typo – read it again))

I claim My spot as a Master Gardner.  When you call Me for a phone sex session, I find out who you are….and … who you are NOT …. where you have been …. and …. where you might go.  If you let Me lead to My full capabilities, I can peel away the layers of artifice clogging the trail into the unknown. I find desires that you didn’t know you desired.

We can create a relationship that is beyond simply sexual.  The erotic fantasy tapestry I weave is My skill as a FemDom Mistress … My voice as the method of transport …. and we can both count the moments where we go OH! Oh! oh! (soft exhale of breath) and YES! Yes! yes! (ummmmmm).