The key part of T&D is orgasm denial

Listen to me read you this post about your orgasm denial.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love being a cocktease and a wicked damn Femdom — One stroker slut recently admitted, “I needed so badly to rub one out.”  Mmmmm, have you ever felt that way?  ~laughs~

Oh, the tease is so much fun but the denial part is the key. Without denial, it’s just a long stroking and orgasm edging session (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

The art of the tease

I think of our play as performance art and YOU are my canvas. This is a creative process for me and I thoroughly enjoy putting you through your paces to clearly show my control of your cock, your body, your mind and more.  My ideas are never “one size fits all” or one set of instructions for everyone.  Masturbation instructions on the blog are general but private sessions are created just for you.

The artistry of denial

Every artist has “tools” that help him or her accomplish the art.  When you are on an edging regime that doesn’t include orgasm (until I give permission) it is easiest to be locked in a chastity cage but that is not always possible (given life and travel and sports).  I have a no-fail chastity plan without the chastity cage.

The experience of one submissive

Here’s an edging report I got from a submissive —

“I took the ((instructions))) and did as You ordered, up and down the swollen shaft two times with ((redacted)). Waited a bit and repeated. I sooo badly wanted to continue but I didn’t (i’m So proud of myself for this!).

I actually managed to continue until I started to feel ((redacted)). It took a lot longer than I thought it would and then, even so, I could still feel something so I ((redacted)) …and then even more. I even tested myself and actually tried to masturbate for real, but even though ((redacted)) it was enough to keep me from cumming.

I was so desperate that I masturbated ((redacted)) for over 30 minutes and could not bring myself to orgasm!! How incredibly frustrating!”

Ahhhhhhhh, THAT is exactly what I want.  Good job.  This level of orgasm denial is even more frustrating than hearing me say … REDACTED over and over again.  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia