Do you listen to our kink podcast?

Mistress Erika and I have a lot of fun doing this kink podcast!  We try to have a lot of variety in topics, guests and themes.  Sometimes it’s mostly laughs and fun, other times it can get much more thoughtful and serious.  Generally, it’s a mix of emotional content, much like our calls and conversations.

Each episode posts at 1 pm eastern on Cock Radio on Spreaker.  You can hear The Weekly Hot Spot on Spotify, Amazon and a bunch of other podcast distribution sites. 

We love your reviews in public and in private via email and twitter (or here on my blog).  I’m also catching up s-l-o-w-l-y on The Weekly Hot Spot blog where you’ll find transcripts, photos and links from each episode.

Sex podcast about more than sex

Oh I know there’s a bit of a giggle factor to that comment but all joking aside, we tackle serious issues and can get pretty philosophical.

Often people will come for the sex and then find out there is a lot more depth to explore. Like this conversation from “Mary” who found our kink podcast by chance and started by listening to Phone Humiliation: sexual humiliation 101.

 “i listened to Your podcast with Ms. Erika and Ms Hunter on humiliation – i appreciate Your grounded background and perspective on dominating men.”

Feminization podcast episodes

We talk a lot about all things femme.  Here are a couple links to episodes that are posted on the blog. There are other episodes that are podcast only right now but I’m posting the transcribed ones on the blog so you can get the links to shopping, articles, other blog posts, etc.  Plus, there are smoking hot photos!

Conversation with a sissy servant

Mary found the other feminization podcasts and said she loves getting to know us and herself more.  Here’s our conversation (posted with permission):

sissy mary: “i’m a submissive cross-dressing sissy servant type of a guy – just to get that out there lol

i am married and i have a Friend who is a female dominant to me many times, but she is very busy with her family and i just wanted someone to share with and get some additional perspective.”

Girl talk is so important with feminization

Who do YOU have to talk with about your feminine feelings?  Remember, it’s not ALL talk about clothes and such, it’s the experience of being your feminine self with another female.  Here’s how Yvonne describes it.

Yvonne:  “Girl talk is so essential. Even if we’re talking baseball. It’s like Susan Sarandon and the other girl in Bull Durham. Just two girls talking and enjoying baseball. Of course I really love talking about our wedding. The dresses, the venue, the reception and the honeymoon.”

You can get to know Yvonne in our podcast episode: Interview About Acceptance as a Crossdresser.

Feminized by a Dominant Woman

One of the things I love about feminization is that the submissive urges get more and more intense with each item of girly clothing! This can be sweet and gentle or downright coerced transformation. The Tricked into Feminization episode is one of my favorite of our kink podcast.

Here’s what Mary has to say:

sissy Mary: “And while i have my male energy, i’m compelled to submit, serve and suffer for a dominant Woman – probably sounds so familiar i guess.”

Ms Olivia:  “Some are familiar and everyone is unique – that sounds like a cliche but it’s true.”

sissy Mary: “Sometimes, i wish i didn’t want to wear Women’s clothes and submit so strongly . . . 

But, i not only feel a need – it’s also true that i want to – and i want to wear panties and bras and skirts – it’s just sometimes hard to admit.

i think it is because of my pride and male ego.

Ms Olivia:  “I think people growing up these days (some of them) are more willing to be gender fluid without it “meaning” anything per se.  Does that make sense?

sissy Mary:  “Yes, it does – and part of that is me, but with me, obedience, service and suffering are almost a need

Ms Olivia:  “In my experience — this need or desire doesn’t go away.

And it can’t be “wished” or “ordered” to go away.

And eventually it can’t be ignored.

Many people find a reasonable way to “be” with that part of themselves by coming to a sort of peace —saying, “ok, you’re here with me and that’s okay.”

Question for my sissy girls, trans ladies or crossdressers

How do YOU (or did you) get comfortable or to a level of acceptance that you have both male and female aspects?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia