Orgasm edging with even more intensity

Listen to me read you this blog post about orgasm edging for me.

You’ve read the blog posts when I talk about using orgasm edging as the cure for boring masturbation. Some of you are very experienced with the joys of tease and denial.  Some of you are new to cock control.  Your current skill level don’t matter because this Experienced Mistress will be in control.  You will do your orgasm edging on command.

Masturbation instructions

Periodically I post cock stroking instructions here on my blog.  More often, I give private instructions to a new stroke pet.  I like the private instructions because I get to know the horny stroker, he gets to know Mistress and I have time to do some wicked tease and denial.

Here’s the reaction from one stroker pet:

“I must Thank Empress Olivia for now owning me & I want to share my experiences that Empress Olivia taught me. I learned how to edge my orgasm for about 1 hour & every stroke was adding up! After vigorously stroking for 7 min. I wanted to cum; but I stopped myself as I knew this was a test. Once calm, I stroked again; only this time it took almost 2 min. before I had the feeling to cum & once again, I stopped.

I did this continually,” stroke till you want to cum & stop!!” Trust Me; You need to stop when you have that feeling!!”

What happened with that orgasm edging?

Don’t you want to know!  ~laughs~  Okay, I’ll post that in another blog but for now, I leave you with this thought from him:

” You will be very happy knowing that this Beautiful Woman has control of your cock & orgasms.  I can say that you will be more than Thankful & Happy as You’re the one who has wanted & fantasized about this for a long time. I must thank You Mistress Olivia for your help & training. I’m owned by You & Am Greatfull!!!”

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia