Halloween is almost upon us …. get your most FABULOUS COSTUMES and join the Mistresses of LDW for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Party … in the Community Kink Chat Room …. we’ll see you there this Saturday at 9pm eastern.

Stay tuned right here for more information about PRIZES which will include, among other things, FREE Minutes for Erotic Phone Sex with the Mistress of your choice.

Cock Radio will have music from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We’ll be doing the Time Warp for all you dancers out there …. Of course we’ll also pay very special attention to every Sweet Transvestite who is there to get her groove on!  If you’re not much into crossdressing and costumes …. come and hang out in the Bar and be part of the Audience.

October is Party Month and you’ve told us that you’re really enjoying Mistress Madness.  Last Saturday we all had a great time riding on the Temptation Train ‘wommaned’ by some of the most Beautiful and Talented Mistresses in the world!

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Remember to join Me and Empress Marissa for Good Cock/Bad Cock …. the Masturbation Interrogation in the Community Kink Chat Room.  That’s Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern.  We’ll both be logged in before and after the chat to make sure everyone can get a chance to talk with the Sexiest Detectives ever to organize all you lovies into a Penile Lineup.  ~grinz~ …. and remember if you get arrested, we’ll have to read you the Marissa warning …. which is an experience that is NOT to be missed !

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